ABB RDCO-03C (64606964)
RDCO - DDCS communication adapter (board)

ABB RDCO-03C (64606964)
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TypeDDCS Communication board 3
Weight0.01 kg
Item Number: RDCO-03C (64606964)
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ABB RDCO 03C is communication module with coated circuit board for RMIO Motor Control and I/O Board 64606964 used in ACS800 Series Inverters. Includes connectors for fibre optic DDCS channels CH0, CH1, CH2 and CH3.

Full-featured frequency converters ABB ACS 800 and their modules cover a fairly wide range of voltages 220V-690V and powers from 0.55kW to 5600kW. These converters are rated for the current rating used in production equipment for applications that require high overload resistance.


Produced inFinland
TypeDDCS Communication board 3
Weight0.01 kg
Сustoms Tariff Code85049099
Item TypeRDCO-03C
Item NameDDCS Communication board 3


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