ABB ACS2000-066-A03A-x4-010
ACS2000 medium voltage drive

ABB ACS2000-066-A03A-x4-010
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  • Frequency Converter: 6600 V, 1800 kW, 197 A, Air-cooled
Item Number: ACS2000-066-A03A-x4-010
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TypeFrequency Converter
Voltage6600 V
Power1800 kW ( kVA)
Current197 A
Cooling TypeAir
Weightn/a Kg
Customs Tariff Compliance Number85044090
Manufacted inFinland

The ABB ACS 2000 drive is very reliable, easy to set up, and quick to commission, thus reducing the common cost of performing a variable speed drive. Owing to a small footprint, the ACS 2000 may be used to monitor standard induction motors by directly connecting to a 4,0... 6,9 KW network. Possibility of direct connection to the ACS 2000 network lets you to combine the value for money of a transformerless parameter speed drive with the advantages of an autonomous voltage inverter (AIN), including high reliability and uptime, high and invariable power factor, and exceptional dynamic control feature.

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