ABB ACS800-104-0390-3 68684901
ACS800-104 Multidrive Inverter Modules

ABB ACS800-104-0390-3 68684901
Weight130 kg
Item Number: ACS800-104-0390-3 68684901
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ABB ACS800-104-0390-3 68684901 is outdated.

Weight130 kg
Сustoms Tariff Code85044088
Dimensions1397 mm x 596 mm x 245 mm
Produced inFinland

The ACS800-104 is a line of inverter modules for ABB ACS800 frequency converters. The modules have 3 phases and power range from 1,1 up to 2900 kW and are very supple for installing into cabinets of customers. The ACS800-104 modules have a degree of protection IP00. Other significant features are quickly connectors and auto regulatory cooling fan. Also, ACS800-104 modules have capacitors. This function assistance DC bus bars in smoothing the voltage. Exist two types of ABB ACS800-104 modules: liquid-cooled and air option.


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