ABB ACS880-07-0721A-7 3AUA0000169963 ACS880-07 All-compatible Single Drives

ABB ACS880-07-0721A-7 3AUA0000169963
Item Number: ACS880-07-0721A-7 3AUA0000169963
Output Current721 A
Nominal Output Power710 kW
TypeFrequency Converter
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TypeFrequency Converter
Сustoms Tariff Code85044088
Produced inFinland
Output Current, Heavy-Duty Load571 A
Nominal Output Power, Light-Overload Mode630 kW
Output Current, Light-Overload Mode705 A
Nominal Output Power, Standart Load710 kW
Nomimal Input Voltage525 … 690 V
Nominal Output Power, Heavy-Duty Load560 kW
NEMA Enclosure typeIP22
Installation TypeCabinet-built
Output Current, Standart Load721 A
Item NameFrequency Converter
Nominal Frequency50 / 60 (+/- 5%) Hz

ACS880-07-0721A-7 is very striking for machine manufacturers. It is versatile and can be utilized for many functions to the industry. If you own an old warehouse or manufacturing house, you can use it to improve the place.

The low voltage AC enables the machines to perform at any speed without the high risk of damage. Wanted performance of the machine is achieved without wearing it quickly. Because of this, there is no need for the company to change the equipment from time to time.

By using ACS880-07-0721A-7, work can be done fast and easy. They could be utilized in different industries for various purposes.


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