ABB ACS880-104-0025A-3
ACS880-104 Inverter Drive Modules (INU)

ABB ACS880-104-0025A-3
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Inverter Module for ACS880.
Frame Size R3i.

Item Number: ACS880-104-0025A-3
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Inverter Module for ACS880.
Frame Size R3i (467x168x313mm).
Weight: 11kg.

Technical data:
Input ratings (Imax): 33A.
Input current (I input): 29A.
No-overload use (I N): 25A.
No-overload use (P N): 11 kW.
Light-overload use (I Ld): 23A.
Light-overload use (P Ld): 11 kW.
Heavy-duty use (I Hd): 19A.
Heavy-duty use (P Hd): 7,5 kW.
Air Flow: 142 m^3/h.
Power loss: 375 W.


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