ABB ACS880-104-0600A-7+E205+P904
Inverter module

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Inverter Module for ACS880.
Frame Size 1xR8i.

Item Number: ACS880-104-0600A-7+E205+P904
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Inverter Module for ACS880.
Frame Size 1xR8i.

Technical data:

  • Light-overload use (I Ld): 576A.
  • Light-overload use (P Ld): 560 kW.
  • Heavy-duty use (I Hd): 449A.
  • Heavy-duty use (P Hd): 400 kW.
  • Air Flow: 1300 cfm.
  • Noise level: 72 dB (A).
  • Heat dissipation: 9000 W.
  • Un: 690 V.
  • Power range 1.5 to 3200 kW 
  • Built on ABB's common drives architecture
  • Compact inverter modules for flexible and optimized cabinet assembly
  • Direct torque control (DTC) as standard
  • IP00 enclosure classes
  • Integrated safety including STO as standard
  • Intuitive control panel with USB port
  • Supports a wide range of fieldbus protocols, I/O and encoder options
  • Extensive selection of mechanical and electrical accessories


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