Contactor Relay

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ABB offers a wide range of contactor relays that are used to switch electrical circuits in various industries.

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1SBH101001R2022NS22E-20 24V50/60HZ Contactor Relay
1SBH101001R2031NS31E-20 24V50/60HZ Contactor Relay
1SBH101001R2044NS44E-20 24V50/60HZ Contactor Relay
1SBH101001R2062NS62E-20 24V50/60HZ Contactor Relay
1SBH101001R2322NS22E-23 110V50/60HZ Contactor Relay
1SBH101001R2622NS22E-26 230V50/60HZ Contactor Relay
1SBH101001R2631NS31E-26 230V50/60HZ Contactor Relay
1SBH101001R2640NS40E-26 230V50/60HZ Contactor Relay
1SBH101001R2644NS44E-26 230V50/60HZ Contactor Relay
1SBH101001R2653NS53E-26 230V50/60HZ Contactor Relay
1SBH101001R2662NS62E-26 230V50/60HZ Contactor Relay
1SBH101001R2680NS80E-26 230V50/60HZ Contactor Relay
1SBH101004R2622NS22ES-26 230V50/60HZ Contactor Relay
1SBH103001R8122NSL22E-81 24VDC Contactor Relay
1SBH103001R8131NSL31E-81 24VDC Contactor Relay
1SBH103001R8140NSL40E-81 24VDC Contactor Relay
1SBH103001R8144NSL44E-81 24VDC Contactor Relay
1SBH103001R8162NSL62E-81 24VDC Contactor Relay
1SBH103001R8171NSL71E-81 24VDC Contactor Relay
1SBH103001R8180NSL80E-81 24VDC Contactor Relay
1SBH103004R8122NSL22ES-81 24VDC Contactor Relay
1SBH103004R8131NSL31ES-81 24VDC Contactor Relay
1SBH103004R8140NSL40ES-81 24VDC Contactor Relay
1SBH143061R5122TNL22E 17-32V DC
1SBH143061R5131TNL31E 17-32V DC
1SBH143061R5140TNL40E 17-32V DC
1SBH143061R5144TNL44E 17-32V DC
1SBH143061R5162TNL62E 17-32V DC
1SBH143061R5180TNL80E 17-32V DC

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