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1SAJ230000R1005DeviceNet-FieldBusPlug 0,5 m
1SAJ230000R1010DNP21-FBP.100 DeviceNet-FieldBusPlug 1 m
1SAJ230100R1003PROFIBUS DP Master Interface
1SAJ230100R1005PROFIBUS DP Slave Interface
1SAJ230100R1010PROFIBUS DP Slave Interface
1SAJ231000R0001PROFIBUS DP Master Interface
1SAJ240100R1005PROFIBUS DP Master Interface
1SAJ240100R1010PROFIBUS DP Master Interface
1SAJ240100R1020PROFIBUS DP Master Interface
1SAJ240200R0050PROFIBUS DP Master Interface
1SAJ242000R0001PDP32 PROFIBUS DP Interface
1SAJ243000R0001PDR31.0 PROFIBUS Termination Unit
1SAJ250000R0003MODBUS-RTU-FieldBusPlug 0,25 m
1SAJ250000R0005MRP21-FBP.050 MODBUS-RTU-FBP 0,5 m
1SAJ250000R0010MRP21-FBP.100 MODBUS-RTU-FBP 1 m
1SAJ251000R0001MRP31 Modbus Interface
1SAJ251000R0011MRP31.0 Modbus RTU Interface, Coated
1SAJ260000R0100ModbusTCP Interface for 4 FBP devices
1SAJ261000R0100PNQ22.0 Profinet interface for 4 FBP dev
1SAJ262000R0100EIU32.0 EtherNet/IP Interface
1SAJ263000R0100PNU32.0 Profinet Interface
1SAJ510000R0300Universal Motor Controller
1SAJ510001R0002Universal Motor Controller
1SAJ510003R0002Control Panel Extension Cable 0,7 m
1SAJ510004R0002Control Panel Extension Cable 1.5m
1SAJ510005R0001UMC100-PAN CAP Protection Cap IP54
1SAJ520000R0201UMC100.3 DC, Supply 24 V DC, ATEX, 6 DI, 4 DO, PTC input,
1SAJ530000R0100UMC100 Universal Motor Controller 24V
1SAJ530000R0200UMC100.3 Univ. Motor Controller 24V ATEX
1SAJ530000R0210UMC100.3 DC
1SAJ530000R1200UMC100 Universal Motor Controller 110-24
1SAJ530000R1210UMC100.3 UC, Supply 110-240 V AC/DC, ATEX, Conformal Coating, 6 DI, 4 DO, PTC
1SAJ530000R2100UMC100.3 DC, Supply 24 V DC, 6 DI, 4 DO, PTC input
1SAJ531000R1100mini contactor B6-30-01 4 kW 3P with additional contact 1NZ 220V
1SAJ590000R0102UMC100-PAN LCD Panel with USB Interface Replaces 1SAJ590000R0102
1SAJ611000R0101DX111 IO-Module for UMC100, DI and Suppl
1SAJ611000R0102DX111-FBP.0 IO-Module for UMC100 DI 24 VDC, supply 24VDC
1SAJ613000R0101AI111.0 Analog inp.-module for UMC100.3 3 inputs PT100
1SAJ613000R0102AI111.0 Analog inp.-module for UMC100.3 3 inputs PT100, PT100, KTY83, KTY84, NTC, 0-10 V, 0/4-20 mA 
1SAJ622000R0101DX122 IO-Module for UMC100, DI 110/230VA
1SAJ622000R0102DX122.0 I/O-module for UMC100 DI 110/230VAC, supply 24VDC
1SAJ650000R0101VI150.0 Volt.-module for UMC100 Use in grounded networks, Ue 150-690V AC
1SAJ655000R0100VI155 Voltage-Module for UMC100, IT
1SAJ655000R0101VI155.0 Volt.-module for UMC100 Also for use in IT networks, Ue 150-690V AC
1SAJ692000R0001Connection Cable IO Module - IO Module
1SAJ923001R0010DN, CAN, MODBUS-RTU Extension Cable 1m
1SAJ923001R0030DN, CAN, MODBUS-RTU Extension Cable 3m
1SAJ923001R0050DN, CAN, MODBUS-RTU Extension Cable 5m
1SAJ923003R0005DN, CAN, MODBUS-RTU Cable with Male Connector
1SAJ923005R0001DN, CAN, MODBUS-RTU Male Assembling Connector
1SAJ923006R0001DN, CAN, MODBUS-RTU Female Assembling Connector
1SAJ923007R0001DN, CAN, MODBUS-RTU Termination Resistor 120 Ohm
1SAJ924001R0010PROFIBUS DP Extension Cable 1m
1SAJ924001R0030PROFIBUS DP Extension Cable 3m
1SAJ924001R0050PROFIBUS DP Extension Cable 5m
1SAJ924002R0005PDF11-FBP.050, Cable, open end, Female Connector, 0.5 m
1SAJ924003R0005PDM11-FBP.050, Cable, open end, Male Connector, 0.5 m
1SAJ924005R0001PDM11-FBP.0, Male Assembling Connector
1SAJ924006R0001PDF11-FBP.0, Female Assembling Connector
1SAJ924007R0001PDR11-FBP.150, Termination Unit
1SAJ924009R0005PDF11-FBP.050, Cable, open end, Female Connector, 0.5 m
1SAJ924010R0005PDA12-FBP.050, Adapter-Cable, M12-Dsub9-M12
1SAJ924011R0001PDV12-FBP.0, Feed-In Connector, Code A-A
1SAJ924013R0001USB Interface for Profibus Networks
1SAJ925000R0001FIM UMC Edition Configuration Software UMC100.3,
1SAJ928004R0002UMC100-Democase 110/230VAC Supply with devices, motor and operation elements
1SAJ929003R0001CAS21-FBP.0 Addressing Set
1SAJ929005R0001CAL11-PBP.0 Address Labels for FBP
1SAJ929006R0001CCC11-FBP.0 Cover Caps M12 for FBP
1SAJ929100R0001CDP11-FBP.0 cable, fixing bracket
1SAJ929100R0004CDP11-FBP.4 cable, fixing bracket 4pc
1SAJ929110R0001CDP13-FBP.100 Passiv cable (inside)
1SAJ929120R0001CDP12-FBP.100 Passiv Cable (outside)
1SAJ929140R0003CDP15-FBP.030 Ext.cable (Male/Female)
1SAJ929140R0006CDP15-FBP.060 Ext.cable (Male/Female)
1SAJ929140R0015CDP15-FBP.150 Ext.cable (Male/Female)
1SAJ929150R0015CDP16-FBP.150 Ext.cable (Male/open)
1SAJ929160R0002UMCTB.1 Set of terminal blocks for UMC UMC.3 UC 110/230VACDC
1SAJ929170R0015CDP17-FBP.150 Cable ETH-X1/X4-M12 female for MTQ22 - UMC100-FBP, length 1.5m
1SAJ929180R0015CDP18-FBP.150 Cable ETH-X1/X4-open wire
1SAJ929190R0010CDP18-FBP.150 Cable 
1SAJ929200R0001Terminalset X1…X4 for EthernetFBP
1SAJ929200R0002Terminalset X1…X4 for EthernetFBP 
1SAJ929200R0020CEM11-FBP.20 Earth Leakage Monitor 20 Ø
1SAJ929200R0035CEM11-FBP.35 Earth Leakage Monitor 35 Ø
1SAJ929200R0060CEM11-FBP.60 Earth Leakage Monitor 60 Ø
1SAJ929200R0120CEM11-FBP.120 Earth Leakage Monitor 120
1SAJ929200R1035CEM11-FBP.35 Earth Leakage Monitor 35 mm Ø, setting 0.1 ... 3.4 A
1SAJ929200R1060ABB X1B 1600 circuit breaker
1SAJ929200R1120Automatic machine T2N 160 PR221DS-LS 3p F F 100A 36kA
1SAJ929230R0015CDP23.150 Cable ETH-X1/X4-UMC100.3
1SAJ929230R0030CDP23.300 Cable ETH-X1/X4-UMC100.3
1SAJ929240R0015CDP24.150 Kabel SMK-Drawer
1SAJ929250R0015CDP18-FBP.150 Cable ETH-X1/X4-open wire unshielded, length 1.5 m
1SAJ929300R0001CDA11-FBP.0 DIN Rail Adapter for PDQ22-FBP
1SAJ929400R0002USB to FBP-interface cable length 1.5 m
1SAJ929500R0185CT4L185R/4, 3-Phase Current Transformer Rated nominal current range 60 … 185A
1SAJ929500R0310CT4L310R/4, 3-Phase Current Transformer
1SAJ929501R05004 013 614 482 137,00
1SAJ929501R0850CT5L850R/4, 3-Phase Current Transformer Rated nominal current range 500 … 850A
1SAJ929600R0001SMK3.0 Single Mountik Kit
1SAJ929610R0001Terminal blocks for SMK supply
1SAJ929620R0001Terminal blocks for SMK communication


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