ABB M3AA 225SMB 4-8 M3AA

ABB M3AA 225SMB 4-8
Item Number: M3AA 225SMB 4-8
  • Vendor Identification Number: 3GAA229229-ADG
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TypeElectric motor with squirrel-cage rotor
Weight300 Kg
Item Identification Number3GAA229229-ADG
Customs Tariff Compliance Number85015230
Produced inFinland

ABB M3AA low-voltage asynchronous 3-phase electric engine is widely utilized in industrial equipment for various purposes. These engines are completed in the secure case from aluminum of the increased durability. This material is quite immune to corrosive formations. Induction motors can be having 2, 4, and 6 poles. To avoid overloading, fuses are provided, which can systematically turn off the engine, with a further restarting the entire system (which rule out the opportunity of overloading or unplanned refusal). Nominal protection levels are IP55squirrel gated rotor which provides protection against water and dust into the mechanism. Induction motors are utilized: pumping, crushing, and conveyor equipment, etc.


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