ABB ACS880-01-363A-3-01-271A-7 PM6Y881R9FAN

ACS880-01 single drive
ABB ACS880-01-363A-3-01-271A-7 PM6Y881R9FAN
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Сustoms Tariff Code84145920
Produced inIndonesia
Weight7.262 kg

Safety comes first with low voltage AC drives. Any user will be able to use the tool without risk to dangers so long as they know how to operate it appropriately. The machine has passed requirements for security standards.

Because of being able to control speed and torque of the motor, low voltage AC drives avoid machineries from getting huge damages. The machine will still last even if it works always. In cases like this, replacing of equipment every now and then won't take place.

These drives are really easy to operate. Its makers guaranteed that any user can operate the tool with no problem. The advanced control panel options allow users to immediately adjust speed along with other applications.

Through the use of ACS880-01-363A-3-01-271A-7, work can be done fast and easy. These tools are flexible and are very helpful to various fields of production.

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