ABB PSE250-600-70-1
PSE Soft starter

ABB PSE250-600-70-1
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  • Product Code: 1SFA897113R7000
Item Number: PSE250-600-70-1
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ABB PSE Soft Starter PSE210-600-70-1. Product Code: 1SFA897113R7000


Rated Operational Voltage:208 … 600 V AC
Rated Control Supply Voltage (Us):100 ... 250 V AC
Rated Control Circuit Voltage (Uc):DC Operation 24 V
Rated Frequency (f):Main Circuit 50/60 Hz
Control Supply 50/60 Hz
Rated Operational Power - In-Line Connection (Pe):(230 V) 75 kW; (400 V) 132 kW; (500 V) 160 kW
Rated Operational Current - In-Line Connection (Ie):250 A
Service Factor Percentage:100 %
Overload Protection:Build-in electronic overload protection
Integrated Electronic Overload:Yes
Adjustable Rated Motor Current Ie:30 ... 100 %
Starting Capacity at Maximum Rated Current Ie:4xIe for 10s
Ramp Time:During Start 1 ... 30 second [unit of time]
During Stop 0 ... 30 second [unit of time]
Initial Voltage During Start:30 ... 70 %
Step Down Voltage Special Ramp:No %
Current Limit Function:1.5 … 7xIe
Switch for Inside Delta Connection:No
Run Signal Relay:Yes
By-pass Signal Relay:Yes
Fault Signal Relay:Yes
Overload Signal Relay:Yes
Analog Outputs:4…20 mA
Signal indication completed start ramp (LED):Green
Signal indication ready to start/standby ON (LED):Green
Signal indication running R (LED):Green
Signal indication ramping up/down (LED):Green
Signal indication protection (LED):Yellow
Signal indication fault (LED):Red
Number of Starts Per Hour at 3.5*Ie for 7 sec. 50% ON Time 50% OFF Time:10
Degree of Protection:acc. to IEC 60529, IEC 60947-1, EN 60529 Main Terminals IP00
Terminal Type:Main Circuit: Bars
Connecting Capacity Main Circuit:Hole Diameter 10.2 mm
Width and Thickness 20x5 mm
Connecting Capacity Control Circuit:Rigid 1x2.5 mm²
Rigid 2x1.5 mm²
Connecting Capacity Supply Circuit:Rigid 1x2.5 mm²
Rigid 2x1.5 mm²
Tightening Torque:Main Circuit 28 N·m
Supply Circuit 0.5 N·m
Control Circuit 0.5 N·m
Product Main Type:PSE250


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