Thermal Overload Relay

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ABB offers a wide range of overload relays to protect electric motors from damage caused by excessive current. Their relays are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of any application.

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1SAZ211201R1017TA25DU-0.63 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R1021TA25DU-0.63 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R1023TA25DU-1.4 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R1031TA25DU-3.1 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R1035TA25DU-5.0 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R1043TA25DU-11 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ211201R2040TA25DU-8.5M Thermal Overload Relays
1SAZ311201R1002TA42DU-32 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ321201R1006TA75DU-80 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ401110R0001DB 200 MOUNT.KIT F. TA110
1SAZ421201R1001TA200DU90 THERM. OVERL. REL.
1SAZ421201R1002TA200DU110A THERM. OVERL. REL.
1SAZ421201R1003Relais TA200DU135A
1SAZ421201R1004Relais TA200DU150A
1SAZ421201R1005Relais TA200DU175A
1SAZ421201R1006TA200DU200A THERM. OVERL. REL.
1SAZ421301R1001THERM.AUSLOESER TA200DU 90A V1000
1SAZ421301R1002THERM.AUSLOESER TA200DU 110A V1000
1SAZ421301R1003THERM.AUSLOESER TA200DU 135A V1000
1SAZ421301R1004TA200 DU 150A THERM. OVERL. REL.
1SAZ421301R1005THERM.AUSLOESER TA200DU 175A V1000
1SAZ421301R1006THERM.AUSLOESER TA200DU 200A V1000
1SAZ431201R1004TF140DU-142 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ801901R1001DB65 Single Mounting Kit for TF65
1SAZ811201R1001TF65-28 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ811201R1002TF65-33 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ811201R1003TF65-40 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ811201R1004TF65-47 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ811201R1005TF65-53 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ811201R1006TF65-60 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ811201R1007TF65-67 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ821201R1001TF65-28B;  22,0-28,0 A,
1SAZ821201R1002TF65-33B;  25,0-33,0 A,
1SAZ821201R1003TF65-40B;  30,0-40,0 A,
1SAZ821201R1004TF65-47B;  36,0-47,0 A,
1SAZ821201R1005TF65-53B;  44,0-53,0 A,
1SAZ821201R1006TF65-60B;  50,0-60,0 A,
1SAZ821201R1007TF65-67B;  57,0-67,0 A,
1SAZ901901R1001DB96 pro EF96
1SAZ911201R1001TF96-51 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ911201R1002TF96-60 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ911201R1003TF96-68 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ911201R1004TF96-78 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ911201R1005TF96-87 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ911201R1006TF96-96 Thermal Overload Relay
1SAZ921201R1001TF96-51B;  40,0-51,0 A,
1SAZ921201R1002TF96-60B;  48,0-60,0 A,
1SAZ921201R1003TF96-68B;  57,0-68,0 A,
1SAZ921201R1004TF96-78B;  65,0-78,0 A,
1SAZ921201R1005TF96-87B;  75,0-87,0 A,
1SAZ921201R1006TF96-96B;  84,0-96,0 A,

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