ABB VD4 3612-31 P280 ZM

ABB VD4 3612-31 P280 ZM

Indoor withdrawable vacuum circuit breaker.

Item Number: VD4 3612-31 P280 ZM
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VD4 vacuum circuit breaker with 3-phase and nominal voltage 35 kV is designed for indoor installation in switchgear with air insulation. Their switching capacity is sufficient to withstand all conditions, arising from switching of equipment in normal and emergency modes of operation, in particular in case of short circuits, within their technical parameters.

Vacuum circuit breakers are particularly advantageous for use in networks with high frequency switching in the operating range of currents and/or where it is expected a certain number of operations off short-circuit currents.

Vd4 3612 from ABB has exceptionally high operating reliability and large life cycle. They meet all the necessary international standards and requirements.

Technical Parameters of VD4 3612-31 P280 ZM:
Withdrawable version for Unigear ZS3.2.
Rated current: 1250A.
According to IEC 62271-100.
Rated voltage: 36kV, 50Hz.
Rated breaking current: 31,5kA/3s.
Rated Making current: 80kA.
Withstand voltage: 95kV (1min50Hz) / BIL 185kV
Rated operating sequence with autoreclosing [O-0.3s-CO-3min-CO].
Pole distance: 280mm.
Charging motor: MS 110VDC.
Shunt opening release: M01 110VDC.
Shunt closing release: MC 110VDC.
Undervoltage release: MU 110VDC
Auxiliary switch of the operating mechanism: BS1.
Auxiliary switch signalising charged/discharged: BS2.
Auxiliary switch: BB1, BB2.
Position contact: BT1 and BT2.
Operation counter.
Mechanical ON and OFF buttons.
Visible signalisation ON/OFF, charged/discharged.
Charging lever.
58-pole plug on flexi tube with aux. wires.
Routine test according to IEC standard.


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