ABB VD4/W 17.06.25 P210

ABB VD4/W 17.06.25 P210

Indoor 3-phase Vacuum Circuit Breaker

Item Number: VD4/W 17.06.25 P210
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ABB VD4/W 17.06.25 P210 is indoor 3-phase Vacuum Circuit Breaker. It is draw-out version for enclosures PoweCube PB2.  The pole distance is 210mm. Nominal current of this version is 630 A and nominal voltage is 17.5 kV, 50 Hz.

VD4P circuit breakers are produced according to IEC 62271-100 standard and also meet all the necessary international standards and requirements.

Technical Parameters of VD4/W 17.06.25 P210:
Pole distance: 210mm.
Dimensional drawing: TN7420.
Rated voltage: 17,5kV,50Hz.
Rated current: 630A.
Rated making current: 63kA.
Rated breaking current: 25kA/3s.
Withstand voltage: 38kV (1min50Hz) / BIL 95kV.
Weigth: 135kg.
Overall dimensions netto H-W-D: 691-853-642mm
Operating sequence: O - 0,3s - CO - 15s - CO.
Charging motor: MAS 220VAC.
Operating mechanism: EL.
1st shunt opening release: MB01 110VDC.
Shunt closing release: MBC 110VDC.
Blocking magnet of the c.b. ON RLE1 110VDC.
Undervoltage release: MBU 110VDC.
Blocking magnet of the truck: RLE2 110VDC.
Auxiliary switch: BGS2.
Auxiliary switch BGB1 Ц 8NO+8NC
Position contact: BGT1 and BGT2.
Indicator of O/I.
Push-buttons O/I.
Indicator of charged/discharged.
Operation counter.
Key lock in open position.
Routine test report according to IEC standard.
Charging lever.
58-pole plug on on flexi tube with aux. wires.
Country of origin: Italy.


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