Balluff BES03J8 (BES 516-110-D-RK)
Inductive Single Position Switch

Balluff BES03J8 (BES 516-110-D-RK)
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2.2 mm range, PA 12 material, IP67

Switching point - 1000 Hz

Item Number: BES03J8 (BES 516-110-D-RK)
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Inductive single position sensors Baluff BES03J8 combine the advantages of inductive sensors with the advantages of mechanical sensor housings. The company uses equally robust housings and the switching function is taken over by a reliable inductive switching element.

The result is a compact design and a long sensing range, which enables non-contact and wear-free operation. Since the switching elements are essentially equipped with LEDs, you can easily recognize the corresponding switching state directly on the cover of the device.

This inductive switch is suitable for: Block switches Balluff series 602, 610, 611, 612, 613, 605.


  • Range: 2.2 mm
  • Operating principle: Inductive
  • One switching point
  • Supply voltage: 24 V
  • Max temp.: 70°C
  • Min temp.: -25°C
  • Frame: Rectangular
  • Body size: 60x11.8x33.7 mm
  • Housing material: Plastic (PA 12)
  • Mounting: flush
  • Switching frequency: 1000Hz
  • Compound: Contact clamps
  • operate/conformity permission: E~ / CE / WEEE

BALLUFF is a reliable brand, pruducing process automation equipment: object detection, material flow object coding, rotary and linear


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