Balluff BMF 214K-PS-C-2A-SA2-S4-00,3 (BMF00FC)
Magnetic field sensor

Balluff BMF 214K-PS-C-2A-SA2-S4-00,3 (BMF00FC)
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Item Number: BMF 214K-PS-C-2A-SA2-S4-00,3 (BMF00FC)
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Balluff BMF00FC Magnetic field sensor.

BMF 214K-PS-C-2A-SA2-S4-00,3 Datasheet:

  • Series: BMF 214K
  • Cylinder Dimensions: C-Slot
  • Output Options: NO
  • Product Category: Object Detection
  • Built-in short circuit protection: yes
  • Built-in reverse polarity protection: yes
  • Reg. applications: Thanks to the improved actuation path, it is especially suitable for short-stroke cylinders.
  • Connection type: Cable with detachable connection
  • Electr. version: DC, constant voltage
  • Connector type: M12x1-S04
  • Height (smaller side): 2.90 mm
  • Depth: 4.50 mm
  • L of cable: 0.30 m
  • Housing material: PA 12
  • Switching function: NO
  • Connection type: cable with detachable connection


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