Balluff BOS 18M-PS-LD20-S4 (BOS01R2)
Diffuse sensor

Balluff BOS 18M-PS-LD20-S4 (BOS01R2)
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Item Number: BOS 18M-PS-LD20-S4 (BOS01R2)
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Balluff BOS01R2 Diffuse sensor.

BOS 18M-PS-LD20-S4 Datasheet:

  • Product category: Object detection
  • Series: 18M
  • Design: Cylinder, straight optics
  • Dimensions: O18.0 mmx75.0x mm
  • Emission Type: Accessory - Red Light
  • Default Standard: IEC 60947-5-2
  • Adjustable: Sensing Range (Sn)
  • Product category: Object detection
  • Installer: 270° potentiometer (1x)
  • Integrated short circuit protection: yes
  • Integrated reverse polarity protection: yes
  • Display: Maximum limits - LED indication yellow, flashing - Light reception - LED indication yellow - Supply voltage - LED indication green - Error - LED indication green, flashing
  • Protection degree: II
  • Series: 18M
  • Connection type: Plug connector
  • Electr. version: DC, constant voltage
  • Connector type: M12x1-S04
  • Scanning area Sd: 1...250 mm
  • Design: Cylinder, straight optics
  • Case material: brass
  • Min. response range: 1 mm
  • Emission type: Accessories - red light
  • Maximum extraneous light: 10,000 lux
  • Light spot dimensions, typical: O2 mm at 250 mm
  • Sensing distance, mm: 250
  • Emission source: red LED

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