Baluff BKT000H - BKT 18KF-001-P-S4

Photoelectric sensor
 Baluff BKT000H - BKT 18KF-001-P-S4
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The BKT000H - BKT 18KF-001-P-S4 optoelectronic contrast sensor is characterized by a high accuracy in recognizing shades of gray. Thanks to its high switching frequency, it can accurately position elements; it is great for quick applications in the printing industry and on packaging machines.


Case size = O 18 x 81.5 mm
Measuring range = 8 ... 12 mm
Output signal = PNP, make contact (NO), make contact PNP (NC)
Type of light emitted = white light
Electrical connection = Plug connector, M12x1 plug, 4-pin
Function performed = PNP, normally open contact (NO), PNP, normally closed contact (NC)

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