Baumer BDK 16.05A500 Incremental encoders

Baumer BDK 16.05A500
Item Number: BDK 16.05A500

Incremental Rotary Encoder

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BDK 16.05A500 is incremental encoder BDK with solid shaft with clamping or synchronous flange. It is solid shaft encoder ø10 mm or ø6 mm. It has optical reading method; max. 5000 pulses per revolution; clamp or synchronous flange; industry standard; shallow profile depth. It is mini encoder with ø5 mm solid shaft and ø30 mm housing.

Technical data:

  • Voltage supply: 5 VDC ±10 % 10...30 VDC
  • Consumption typ.: 60 mA (5 VDC, w/o load) 30 mA (24 VDC, w/o load)
  • Pulses per revolution: 10...2048
  • Reference signal: Zero pulse, width 90°
  • Sensing method: Optical Output frequency ≤100 kHz
  • Output signals: A 90° B, N + inverted
  • Output stages: Linedriver/RS422; Push-pull short-circuit proof
  • Interference immunity: DIN EN 61000-6-2
  • Emitted interference: DIN EN 61000-6-3
  • Approval UL: approval / E217823

The encoder was developed and improved by leading German engineers, so it is deservedly very popular around the world. An incremental encoder is recommended for precision manufacturing operations. You can buy a device to control the following processes:

  • The movement of elevators;
  • Packaging of goods;
  • Operation of CNC machines;
  • Processing of metals, wood;
  • Manufacture of glass products, etc.


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