Baumer BRIH 58S
Blind hollow shaft

Baumer BRIH 58S

Encoder with blind hollow shaft

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Optical sensors of this type use the new OptoPulse technique which provides ultra-high accuracy over a wide temperature range. The hollow shaft in the series reaches a diameter of 8 to 15mm. The resolution of these optical encoders can reach up to 65,536 ppm.
Magnetic pickups of this type can be accurate up to 2048 ppm. Solid shaft dimensions are identical to optical sensors. They also use synchronous or clamping flanges. BRIH 58S models have a 12 mm hollow shaft. All devices in the series are connected radially.

Technical Data

  • Blind hollow shaft 12 mm
  • Encoder with blind hollow shaft 12 mm
  • Magnetic sensing method
  • Max. 2048 pulses per revolution
  • High resistance to shock and vibrations
  • Wide pulse number range
  • High limit frequency


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