Baumer CFAK 18N1100
Capacitive proximity sensors

Baumer CFAK 18N1100
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nominal sensing distance Sn5 mm
mounting typenon-flush
GND electrodeno
output circuitNPN make function (NO)
operating temperature-25 ... +75 °C
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switching frequency < 50 Hz
liquids in direct contact yes
current consumption max. (no load) 20 mA
voltage supply range +Vs 10 ... 30 VDC
reverse polarity protection yes
output indicator LED yellow
voltage drop Vd < 1,5 VDC
type cylindrical threaded
connection types cable, 2 m
nominal sensing distance Sn 5 mm
detection of non-conductive media yes
short circuit protection yes
object detection / bulk goods yes
CFAK 18N1100 dimension 18 mm
mounting type non-flush
GND electrode no
housing length 63,5 mm
manufacter SKUCFAK 18N1100
output circuit NPN make function (NO)
protection class IP 67/65 (sensing face/sensor)
fill level detection through container yes
output current < 200 mA
temperature drift ± 15 % (0 ... +70 °C)
housing material PBT
operating temperature -25 ... +75 °C
sensitivity adjustment no


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