Baumer Cover HS35 for NEMA C-Face 56 art. 11080884

Cover (Basket)
Baumer Cover HS35 for NEMA C-Face 56 art. 11080884
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Cover HS35 for NEMA C-Face 56 art: 11080884 is accessory for Baumer 01024 T ABZC MI10 B E 100 5 art. 11076547

Of the recommended accessories a cover (11080884).

Protective covering; for NEMA 56C (4.5 ") and fan cover. Hammerhead bolts are recommended for fastening to the fan cover.

Features Baumer HS35:

  • The HS35 hollow shaft encoder is ideal for motor feedback and speed measurement
  • The HS35 can be matched to virtually any standard imperial or metric shaft size from 3 to 8 "to 1" and includes shaft insulation
  • Programmable resolution and interchangeable shaft inserts mean that everything you need is on the shelf
  • The HSS35 is also robust - tested to withstand 200G and has extremely high output accuracy of ≤60arcSec
  • The HS35 is designed for IP67 and temperatures from -40 to + 100 C
  • The electrical connections match the competitor's HS35 encoder contacts, making the Baumer HS35 encoder an ideal replacement for all other brands
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