Baumer FT 1 LL2.50102 300V YW- 1 (art.E63634)
Sensor cable for H35P encoders

Baumer FT 1 LL2.50102 300V YW- 1 (art.E63634)


Power wires: 4 wires AWG21
Outer diameter: 9.4 mm
Weight approx: 110 g / m

Item Number: FT 1 LL2.50102 300V YW- 1 (art.E63634)
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Baumer connection cable FT 1 LL2.50102 300V YW- 1 (art. E63634) for H35P encoders.

The HEK 17 sensor cable is a proven industrial product.
Designed to meet high demands. Halogen-free oil-resistant, wear-resistant, notched and durable
Exterior design allows you to freely pull conditions. Certified to UL AWM Style 20236, CSA AWM IA / B; IIA / B FT 1, UL file No. E63634.
The cable can be supplied in any length and various connectors are pre-equipped.

Signal wires

3 twisted pair signal wires
4 wires AWG26
4 wires AWG24

Power wires4 wires AWG21

Common low capacity shield
Paired signal wires shielded

Nominal voltage30 V (IEC)
30 V (UL & CSA)
Test voltageWire/wire: 1500 V eff
Wire/shield: 750 V eff
Bending radius7.5 x cable diameter (moved cable)
4 x cable diameter (fixed cable)
Outer diameter9.4 mm
Weight approx110 g/m
Operating temperature-40...+90 °C (moved cable, UL/ CSA: +80 °C)
-50...+90 °C (fixed cable, UL/ CSA: +80 °C)


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