Baumer FVDK 10P81Y0/KS35A
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Baumer FVDK 10P81Y0/KS35A
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versionsmall hysteresis
actual range Sb (FSE 200C1002)240 mm
sensing distance Tw (FUE 200C1003)70 mm
operating temperature-20 ... +60 °C
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depth 60 mm
voltage supply range +Vs 10 ... 30 VDC
type rectangular
adjustment potentiometer
protection class IP 40
manufacter SKUFVDK 10P81Y0/KS35A
light source pulsed red LED
operating temperature -20 ... +60 °C
output current < 100 mA
height / length 29,7 mm
response time / release time < 0,5 ms
sensing distance Tw (FUE 200C1003) 70 mm
output circuit PNP
wave length 680 nm
current consumption max. (no load) 35 mA
actual range Sb (FSE 200C1002) 240 mm
light indicator LED green
alignment / soiled lens indicator LED green, flashing
voltage drop Vd < 1 VDC
short circuit protection yes
off delay 40 ms
output indicator LED red
version small hysteresis
reverse polarity protection yes
housing material polycarbonate/ABS
output function light / dark operate switchable
suppression of reciprocal influence yes
connection types flylead connector M8 4 pin, L=200 mm
width / diameter 10 mm


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