Baumer GXP5S - CANopen®
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Baumer GXP5S - CANopen®
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Voltage supply10...30 VDC
Reverse polarity protectionYes
Consumption w/o load≤50 mA (24 VDC)
Operating temperature-25...+85 °C
-40...+85 °C (optional)
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Rotor moment of inertia 20 gcm²
Identifier 11 bit
Approval UL approval / E63076
Resistance DIN EN 60068-2-6
Vibration 10 g, 16-2000 Hz
DIN EN 60068-2-27
Shock 100 g, 4 ms
Transmission rate 10...1000 kBaud
Operating mode Event-triggered / Time-triggered
Sync (cyclic) / Sync (acyclic)
Number of turns ≤65536 / 16 bit
Operating temperature -25...+85 °C
-40...+85 °C (optional)
Profile conformity CANopen® CiA DSP 406 V 3.0
Code sequence CW/CCW programmable
Sensing method Optical
Interface CANopen®
Absolute accuracy ±0.025 °
Interference immunity DIN EN 61000-6-2
Protection DIN EN 60529 IP 54
Starting acceleration ≤1000 U/s²
Initializing time typ. 250 ms after power on
Materials Housing: steel
Flange: aluminium
Operating speed ≤6000 rpm (mechanical)
≤6000 rpm (electric)
Relative humidity 95 % non-condensing
Size (flange) ø58 mm
Consumption w/o load ≤50 mA (24 VDC)
Code Binary
manufacter SKUGXP5S - CANopen®
Emitted interference DIN EN 61000-6-4
Status indicator DUO-LED integrated in housing
Function Multiturn
Steps per turn ≤8192 / 13 bit
Connection Connector M12, 5-pin
Connector M23, 12-pin
Connector D-SUB, 9-pin
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Operating modes
Total resolution
Rotation speed monitoring
Diagnostic functions Position or parameter error
Multiturn sensing
Starting torque ≤0.015 Nm (IP 54)
Weight approx. 600 g
Voltage supply 10...30 VDC
Output stages CAN bus standard ISO / DIS 11898
Shaft type ø12 mm (blind hollow shaft)
ø14 mm (blind hollow shaft)
ø15 mm (blind hollow shaft)


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