Baumer HOG10M DN 4096 I SR 16H7 KLK Incremental encoder

Item Number: HOG10M DN 4096 I SR 16H7 KLK
  • art. 11180095
  • food - 9-30 dc;
  • output signal format - ttl / rs-422
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The incremental encoder Baumer HOG10M DN 4096 R SR 16H7 KLK (art. 11180095) accurately measures the angle of movement of an object and converts it into an electrical impulse. It has a hollow blind shaft with a diameter of 16 mm. The key difference from analogues is a very high resistance to shock and vibration. hybrid bearings for long service life. with backup pickup. moisture protection.

The operation of the sensor is based on the optical incremental principle. The body and flange of the device are made of durable materials such as aluminum. The electrical connection is made through a flange connector, radial type.


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