Baumer HS35P - Programmable

Incremental encoders
Baumer HS35P - Programmable
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Output frequency ≤300 kHz (TTL)
≤160 kHz (HTL)
≤160 kHz (OC)
Materials Housing: aluminium, powder-coated
Shaft: stainless steel
Protection DIN EN 60529 IP 54
IP 65
IP 67
Bore runout 0.0016" (0.04 mm) TIR max.
HS35P - Programmable output signals A, B, Z
A, B, Z + complement,
½ cycle index gated with negative B channel
Operating speed ≤5000 rpm (see temperature diagram)
Operating temperature -40...+212 °F (-40...+100 °C), (fixed cable): see temperature diagram
Sensing method Optical
Resistance DIN EN 60068-2-6
Vibration 20 g, 60-2000 Hz
DIN EN 60068-2-27
Shock 200 g, 6 ms
Pulses per revolution 1...8192
Approvals UL approval / file no. E240061
ROHS compliant EU guideline 2011/65/EC
Relative humidity 98 % non-condensing
Service life Bearing: typ. 13 billion rev.
(89000 h/2500 rpm)
Bearing 52100 SAE high carbon steel (ABEC 5)
Interference immunity DIN EN 61000-6-2
Admitted misalignment 0.004" (0.1016 mm) radial TIR (end of shaft)
0.01" (0.254 mm) axial
Size (flange) ø3.15" (ø80 mm)
Emitted interference DIN EN 61000-6-3
manufacter SKUHS35P - Programmable
Starting torque ≤3 in-oz (77 °F, IP 65)
≤0.02 Nm (+25 °C, IP 65)
Voltage supply 4.75...30 VDC
Consumption w/o load ≤50 mA (24 VDC)
≤180 mA (5 VDC) + output load, max. 250 mA
Weight approx. 23 oz.
660 g
Output resolution in increments of one (can be different for A and B)
Output level TTL/HTL
Zero pulse width and position
Rotational direction CW/CCW
Shaft type ø0.375...1" (ø9.525...25.4 mm)
(through hollow shaft isolated)
Rotor moment of inertia 2.3 oz-in² (420 gcm²)
Output stages Linedriver (TTL, 7272)
Vout = 5 V, short-circuit proof
Push-pull (HTL, 7272)
Vout = Vin, short-circuit proof
Open Collector (OC, 7273)
Vout = Vin, short-circuit proof
Reverse polarity protection Yes
Connection MIL-connector, 7-pin
MIL-connector, 10-pin
Cable (AWG26 wire)
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