Baumer KTD 2-... B14

Tachogenerators and Resolvers
Baumer KTD 2-... B14
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Open-circuit voltage 7...15 mV per rpm
Materials Housing: plastic, black
Shaft: stainless steel
Groove frequency fN = 29/30 x n
Carbon brush lifetime approx. 40000 Operating hours
Rotor moment of inertia 130 gcm²
Reversal tolerance ≤0.4 %
Polarity Depending on rotational direction
Operating speed ≤8000 rpm
Number of pole pairs 2 = 4 poles
Lower limit of control range 0 rpm
Shaft type ø6 mm solid shaft
Flange Synchro flange
Linearity tolerance ≤0.2 %
Temperature coefficient ±0.2 %/10 K (10...+100 °C)
Connection Screw terminal connector, 2-pin
Number of grooves, segments 29
manufacter SKUKTD 2-... B14
Size (flange) ø54 mm
Weight approx. 290 g
Isolation class B
Protection DIN EN 60529 IP 55
Operating temperature -20...+100 °C
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