Baumer MIL10 10-S2
Linear bearingless

Baumer MIL10 10-S2
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Linear bearingless incremental encoders

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This is a pulse encoder that calculates the number of pulses from the start mark per revolution of the disc to determine the angular position of the encoder shaft.

Technical Data:

  •     Output type Linear signal generator: RS-422 TTL
  •     operating voltage, min. : 4.75 VDC
  •     operating voltage, max. : 5.25 VDC
  •     output current: 20mA
  •     Connection type: Cable, 300 mm
  •     Stecker, M12, 8-polig
  •     Fastening type: screw connection
  •     Series: MIL10
  •     Degree of protection: IP66; IP67
  •     Working temperature: -40 °C
  •     Operating Temperature: 85°C


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