Baumer TDP 0,2 LT-1 B10 55 Tachogenerators and Resolvers

Baumer TDP 0,2 LT-1 B10 55
Item Number: TDP 0,2 LT-1 B10 55

Baumer Hubner rotary encoder TDP 0,2 LT-1 B10 55.
Have high signal quality.

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Baumer Hubner tachogenerator TDP 0,2 LT-1 B10 55.
The main purpose of Baumer tachogenerator is measurement of the direction of rotation and speed via voltage output signal. The rate of this voltage corresponds to the speed of rotation of the shaft.

ø 11 mm
Protection: Up to IP55..
Open-circuit voltage: 150 mV per rpm.
Linearity tolerance: ≤0.15 %.
Reversal tolerance: ≤0.1 %.
Operating temperature: -30...+130 °C.
Double silver track.
EURO Flange B10.

Maintenance-free during the life time of the ball bearings.
Easy access to the terminals by a reversible terminal box.
Speed and direction of rotation measured in real-time.


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