Bosch Rexroth AZMF - AZMN - AZPF
External gear motor

Bosch Rexroth AZMF - AZMN - AZPF
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The 30X17X7 DL FKM 75 external gear motor from Bosch Rexroth is a high-quality external gear motor designed for use in a wide range of industrial applications. It offers reliable and efficient operation, as well as a number of features that make it an ideal choice for a variety of requirements.

Item Number: AZMF - AZMN - AZPF
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511425608AZMF 12 008UCB20PX S0570
511525604AZMF 10 011UCB20ML
511425301AZMF 11 008LFB20MB
511425609AZMF 11 008UCB20KL S0723
511425601AZMF 11 008UCB20ML
511515300AZMF 11 011LNT20MB S0184
511525001AZMF 11 011RCB20MB
511545001AZMF 11 011RSA20MB
511515601AZMF 11 011UCN20ML
511625001AZMF 11 016RFB20MB
511645001AZMF 11 016RSA20MB
511625602AZMF 11 016UCB20ML
511625607AZMF 11 016UCB20PL
511725603AZMF 11 022UCB20PL
511525611AZMF 12 011UCB20PX S0077
511525612AZMF 12 014UCB20PX S0077
511525614AZMF 12 014UCB20PX S0570
511625617AZMF 12 016UCB20PX S0077
1517010219AZMF 1X FKM
511625615AZMF 22 019UCB20PX S0077
511625621AZMF 22 019UCB20PX S0570
1517010240AZMF 2X FKM
1517010195AZMF1X NBR
511625611AZMN 22 020UCB20PX S0077
511725605AZMN 22 022UCB20PX S0077
511725609AZMN 22 022UCB20PX S0592
511725604AZMN 22 025UCB20PX S0077
511725610AZMN 22 025UCB20PX S0592
511725607AZMN 22 028UCB20PX S0077
511725613AZMN 22 032UCB20PX S0077
511725612AZMN 22 036UCB20PX S0592
1517010248AZPB 3X NBR
1517010193AZPF 1X FKM
1517010206AZPF 1X FKM
1517010208AZPF 1X NBR
1517010220AZPF 2X FKM
1517010241AZPF XX NBR
1517010231AZPG 2X NBR
1517010247AZPJ 2X NBR
1517010194AZPN XX NBR
1517010226AZPN XX NBR
151028307422X12X6 NBR80
151028302730X17X7 DL FKM 75
151028306530X17X7 SL FKM 75
151028303530X17X7 SL NBR 72
151028303730X18X7 SL NBR 82
151028307040X20X7 SL FKM 80
151028300940X20X7 SL NBR 77
151028302840X22X7 DL FKM 75
151028302340X22X7 SL NBR 77
151028306942X26X7 SL FKM 77
151028307242X26X7 SL NBR 77

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