Bosch Rexroth DBA - DBAW
Pump Safety Block

Bosch Rexroth DBA - DBAW
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The DBAW25BH2 2X 350 6EG24K4 is a hydraulic overload protection unit from Bosch Rexroth. It is used to protect hydraulic systems from damage caused by excessive pressure. The unit consists of two independent safety valves that are manually adjustable.

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R901026428DBA15F2 2X 200
R900940055DBA15F2 2X 315
R901338067DBA15F2 2X 315A08
R901506728DBA15F2 2X 350
R900750578DBA15H2 2X 315
R900940058DBA15H2 2X 350
R900963672DBA25F2 2X 200
R900940056DBA25F2 2X 315
R901437604DBA25F2 2X 315A08
R900966021DBA25H2 2X 200
R900965997DBA25H2 2X 315
R901361853DBA25H2 2X 315A08
R900940060DBA25H2 2X 350
R900916662DBA30F2 2X 200
R900916664DBA30H2 2X 200
R900916665DBA30H2 2X 315
R901325214DBA30H2 2X 315A08
R900940061DBA30H2 2X 350
R900701929DBA30H2N1X 100
R900930669DBA30H2N1X 200
R900918709DBA30H2N1X 315
R900702870DBA30H2N1X 350
R901467478DBA40H2 1X 100
R900936044DBA40H2N1X 100
R900923290DBA40H2N1X 200
R900919072DBA40H2N1X 315
R900956020DBA40H2N1X 350
R900962787DBAW15BF2 2X 200 6EG24N9K4
R900946144DBAW15BF2 2X 200 6EG24N9K4A08
R901456682DBAW15BF2 2X 315 6EG24K4
R900940062DBAW15BF2 2X 315 6EG24N9K4
R900720498DBAW15BF2 2X 315 6EG24N9K4A08
R900955637DBAW15BF2 2X 350 6EG24N9K4
R900765034DBAW15BH2 2X 200 6EG24N9K4
R901014338DBAW15BH2 2X 315 6EG24K4
R900964399DBAW15BH2 2X 315 6EG24N9K4
R901144885DBAW15BH2 2X 315 6EG24N9K4A08
R900940066DBAW15BH2 2X 350 6EG24N9K4
R901129556DBAW15BH2 2X 350 6EG24N9K4A08
R901020714DBAW25BF2 2X 200 6EG24K4
R900960311DBAW25BF2 2X 200 6EG24N9K4
R900246663DBAW25BF2 2X 200 6EG24N9K4A08
R901353227DBAW25BF2 2X 315 6EG24K4
R900940064DBAW25BF2 2X 315 6EG24N9K4
R900944106DBAW25BF2 2X 315 6EG24N9K4A08
R900969376DBAW25BH2 2X 200 6EG24N9K4
R901375982DBAW25BH2 2X 200 6EG24N9K4A08
R900958782DBAW25BH2 2X 315 6EG24N9K4
R901336881DBAW25BH2 2X 315 6EG24N9K4A08
R901114870DBAW25BH2 2X 350 6EG24K4
R900940067DBAW25BH2 2X 350 6EG24N9K4
R901199913DBAW25BH2 2X 350 6EG24N9K4A08
R900955962DBAW30BF2 2X 200 6EG24N9K4
R900942000DBAW30BF2 2X 200 6EG24N9K4A08
R900955670DBAW30BH2 2X 200 6EG24N9K4
R900958447DBAW30BH2 2X 200 6EG24N9K4A08
R900957485DBAW30BH2 2X 315 6EG24N9K4
R900952693DBAW30BH2 2X 315 6EG24N9K4A08
R900940068DBAW30BH2 2X 350 6EG24N9K4
R901311686DBAW30BH2 2X 350 6EG24N9K4A08
R900781550DBAW30BH2N1X 100 6EG24N9K4
R900958540DBAW30BH2N1X 200 6EG24N9K4
R900950097DBAW30BH2N1X 315 6EG24N9K4
R900930445DBAW30BH2N1X 350 6EG24N9K4
R900972544DBAW40BH2N1X 100 6EG24N9K4
R900950438DBAW40BH2N1X 200 6EG24N9K4
R900931102DBAW40BH2N1X 315 6EG24N9K4
R900941385DBAW40BH2N1X 350 6EG24N9K4

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