Bosch Rexroth Hy-Check Valve
Hydraulically actuated Valve

Bosch Rexroth Hy-Check Valve
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The S8A50 1X 450J3 is a high performance industrial hydraulic seat valve designed to reliably shut off oil flow in selected ports. This check valve belongs to the X series of components and has the symbol A → B to indicate its configuration and performance.

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R901454060S10A15 1X 450J3
R901454062S10A50 1X 450J3
R901454065S15A05 1X 450J3
R901454066S15A15 1X 450J3
R901454067S15A30 1X 450J3
R901454069S15A50 1X 450J3
R901454074S20A15 1X 450J3
R901451714S20A30 1X 450J3
R901454076S20A50 1X 450J3
R901454079S25A05 1X 420J3
R901454083S25A50 1X 420J3
R901454092S30A15 1X 420J3
R901454093S30A30 1X 420J3
R901454094S30A50 1X 420J3
R901454046S6A05 1X 450J3
R901454049S6A50 1X 450J3
R901454052S8A05 1X 450J3
R901454056S8A50 1X 450J3
R930000445IN-LINE VALVE 043117000401000 VU-MF-34-01

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