Bosch Rexroth R1605
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Bosch Rexroth R1605
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bosch rexroth r1605

  • Dynamic load capacity: up to 15 kN
  • Allowable wear: up to 0.02 mm/m
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bosch r1605 is a rail guide element with a narrow rail width with a four-row arrangement of balls, which provides high rigidity and load capacity. It belongs to the R1605 series from Bosch Rexroth, which offers a wide range of guide rails for linear motion systems.


  • Rail width: 20 mm
  • Rail height: 11 mm
  • Nominal load: up to 22 kN
  • Static stiffness: up to 120 kN/mm
  • Permissible speed: up to 12 m/s


  • High rigidity and load capacity: bosch rexroth r1605 thanks to the four-row arrangement of the balls
  • Compact dimensions: narrow rail width of 20 mm
  • High precision: due to precision machining of the rail and carriage
  • Low coefficient of friction: r1605 bosch rexroth has a ball bearing
  • Long service life: thanks to high quality materials and coating
  • Ease of installation and maintenance: the rexroth r1605 has a modular design

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