Bosch Rexroth ZDR6D
Pressure Reducing Valve Intermediate Plate

Bosch Rexroth ZDR6D
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The ZDR6DP7 4X 75YM is a direct-operated pressure reducing valve in a sandwich plate design with secondary circuit pressure limitation. It is used to reduce system pressure in hydraulic drives.

Item Number: ZDR6D
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R900409981ZDR6DA1 4X 150Y
R900493226ZDR6DA1 4X 150YM
R900967535ZDR6DA1 4X 150YMV
R900395618ZDR6DA1 4X 150YV
R900457313ZDR6DA1 4X 210Y
R900481036ZDR6DA1 4X 210YM
R900918166ZDR6DA1 4X 210YMV
R900967536ZDR6DA1 4X 210YV
R900481125ZDR6DA1 4X 25Y
R900401235ZDR6DA1 4X 25YM
R900949590ZDR6DA1 4X 25YMV
R900506073ZDR6DA1 4X 25YV
R900448506ZDR6DA1 4X 75YM
R900967929ZDR6DA1 4X 75YMV
R900957185ZDR6DA1 4X 75YV
R900429353ZDR6DA2 4X 150YJ3
R900521558ZDR6DA2 4X 150YJ3V
R900426803ZDR6DA2 4X 150YMJ3
R900518895ZDR6DA2 4X 150YMV
R900430837ZDR6DA2 4X 150YV
R901211357ZDR6DA2 4X 210YMJ3V
R900559462ZDR6DA2 4X 210YMV
R900445288ZDR6DA2 4X 210YV
R900595397ZDR6DA2 4X 25YJ3
R900448079ZDR6DA2 4X 25YM
R900481092ZDR6DA2 4X 25YMV
R900421905ZDR6DA2 4X 25YV
R901128937ZDR6DA2 4X 75Y 60
R900521449ZDR6DA2 4X 75YJ3V
R900589175ZDR6DA2 4X 75YMJ3
R901211351ZDR6DA2 4X 75YMJ3V
R900457561ZDR6DA2 4X 75YMV
R900459126ZDR6DA2 4X 75YV
R901213814ZDR6DA2 4X 75YV 60
R900445998ZDR6DA3 4X 150Y
R900477431ZDR6DA3 4X 150YM
R901029552ZDR6DA3 4X 150YMV
R900507933ZDR6DA3 4X 150YV
R900424371ZDR6DA3 4X 210Y
R900479783ZDR6DA3 4X 210YM
R900935533ZDR6DA3 4X 210YMV
R900507963ZDR6DA3 4X 210YV
R900448490ZDR6DA3 4X 25Y
R900455586ZDR6DA3 4X 25YM
R900959882ZDR6DA3 4X 25YMV
R900496838ZDR6DA3 4X 25YV
R900421983ZDR6DA3 4X 75YM
R900463929ZDR6DA3 4X 75YMV
R900502338ZDR6DA3 4X 75YV
R900424621ZDR6DA7 4X 150Y
R900440960ZDR6DA7 4X 150YM
R901119108ZDR6DA7 4X 150YV
R900437123ZDR6DA7 4X 210Y
R900553013ZDR6DA7 4X 210YM
R900532617ZDR6DA7 4X 25Y
R900515727ZDR6DA7 4X 25YM
R900478553ZDR6DA7 4X 75Y
R900426993ZDR6DA7 4X 75YM
R901125713ZDR6DA7 4X 75YV
R900431556ZDR6DB1 4X 150YM
R901137880ZDR6DB1 4X 150YMJ3
R900560196ZDR6DB1 4X 150YMV
R900583996ZDR6DB1 4X 210YM
R900967537ZDR6DB1 4X 210YMV
R900445343ZDR6DB1 4X 25YM
R900967538ZDR6DB1 4X 25YMV
R900441458ZDR6DB1 4X 75YM
R900967930ZDR6DB1 4X 75YMV
R901505982ZDR6DB2 4X 150YMJ3
R901343167ZDR6DB2 4X 150YMJ3V
R900510123ZDR6DB2 4X 150YMV
R901239019ZDR6DB2 4X 210YM 60
R900949063ZDR6DB2 4X 210YMJ3
R900599763ZDR6DB2 4X 210YMV
R900449839ZDR6DB2 4X 25YM
R900548486ZDR6DB2 4X 25YMV
R901133187ZDR6DB2 4X 75YM 60
R900749296ZDR6DB2 4X 75YMJ3
R900586123ZDR6DB2 4X 75YMV
R901038664ZDR6DB2 4X 75YMV 60
R900428322ZDR6DB3 4X 150YM
R900533628ZDR6DB3 4X 150YMV
R900512864ZDR6DB3 4X 210YM
R901029565ZDR6DB3 4X 210YMV
R900425957ZDR6DB3 4X 25YM
R900463533ZDR6DB3 4X 25YMV
R900432119ZDR6DB3 4X 75YM
R900573505ZDR6DB3 4X 75YMV
R900426995ZDR6DB7 4X 150YM
R900426994ZDR6DB7 4X 210YM
R900583205ZDR6DB7 4X 25YM
R900581382ZDR6DB7 4X 75YM
R900450066ZDR6DP1 4X 150YMV
R901029884ZDR6DP1 4X 210YMJ3
R900426183ZDR6DP1 4X 210YMV
R900409965ZDR6DP1 4X 25YM
R900967539ZDR6DP1 4X 25YMV
R900468696ZDR6DP1 4X 75YMJ3
R900506336ZDR6DP1 4X 75YMV
R900433541ZDR6DP2 4X 150YMJ3
R900521451ZDR6DP2 4X 150YMJ3V
R900476331ZDR6DP2 4X 150YMV
R901112667ZDR6DP2 4X 150YMV 60
R901239029ZDR6DP2 4X 210YM 60
R900455874ZDR6DP2 4X 210YMJ3
R900521453ZDR6DP2 4X 210YMJ3V
R900402318ZDR6DP2 4X 25YMJ3
R900448143ZDR6DP2 4X 25YMV
R901242216ZDR6DP2 4X 25YMV 60
R901500835ZDR6DP2 4X 315YMV
R901128898ZDR6DP2 4X 75YM 60
R901112989ZDR6DP2 4X 75YM 62
R900406666ZDR6DP2 4X 75YMJ3
R900521450ZDR6DP2 4X 75YMJ3V
R900452815ZDR6DP2 4X 75YMV
R900747678ZDR6DP2 4X 75YMV 60
R900473199ZDR6DP3 4X 150YM
R900582961ZDR6DP3 4X 150YMV
R900481115ZDR6DP3 4X 210YM
R900555927ZDR6DP3 4X 210YMV
R900476274ZDR6DP3 4X 25YM
R900453668ZDR6DP3 4X 25YMV
R901110647ZDR6DP3 4X 75YM 62
R900496836ZDR6DP3 4X 75YMV
R900481065ZDR6DP7 4X 150YM
R900435960ZDR6DP7 4X 210YM
R901438598ZDR6DP7 4X 210YMV
R900551368ZDR6DP7 4X 25YM
R900583635ZDR6DP7 4X 25YMV
R900410874ZDR6DP7 4X 75YM
R900900147ZDR6DP7 4X 75YMV

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