Burkert 143170 (00143170) 2/2-way Flipper valve

Burkert 143170 (00143170)
Item Number: 143170 (00143170)
2/2-way Flipper-Solenoid Valve with separating diaphragm, 10 mm
Total price: 160.60
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2/2-way Flipper-Solenoid Valve with separating diaphragm, 10 mm


  • Burkert Type 6604
  • Article: 143170 (00143170)
  • 6604-A00,6CCPKFB08-0-012/BA-AC *CF02+JF80

Direct acting flipper-solenoid valve destined for neutral gases and liquids. By shifting between the two end provision, the switching element seals one of the two opposite valve seats and join the other to the working port. This traffic is caused by the magnetic field of the solenoids hustling a permanent magnet that is affixed to the flipper element. In addition to its exceptional performance, the flipper principle is notably registered by very low switching noise and low deterioration. Depending on the operating circumstances, various flange connections are accessible, appropriate for both distinct and block assembling.


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