Burkert 163850 (00163850) Mass flow controller

Burkert 163850 (00163850)
Item Number: 163850 (00163850)
Mass Flow Controller for Gases (MFC) .
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Mass Flow Controller for Gases (MFC) .


  • Burkert Type 8712
  • Article: 163850 (00163850)
  • 8712-10,0L-LUF-E-V -GM82-VAFF-A-00,8

Burkert Type 8712 mass flow controllers is applying to control the mass flow of gas in large volumes. The MEMS temperature probe, located right in the gas stream, ensure a considerable reaction time and response susceptibility. Type 8712 can be calibrated to two various gases, among which the user can toggle the instrument. Both electrical interfaces are available as standard analog signals, and the field bus. Burkert Type 8712 can be used in different sphere: burner control systems, thermal treatment, covering various materials, and others. This regulator is suited for use in stark operating circumstances due to the tall degree of security of the IC.


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