Burkert 170717 (00170717)
Mass Flow Meter for Gases

Burkert 170717 (00170717)
High accuracy. IP 65.
Item Number: 170717 (00170717)
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High accuracy. IP 65.


  • Burkert Type 8702
  • Article: 170717 (00170717)
  • 8702-60,0L-H2.-E-V -GM82-VAFF-X-00,0

Mass Flow Meters Burkert is a temperature sensor for deciding the mass flow rate of gas compose of a warming spiral and temperature probe. They are positioned both in the gas flow and outside it. A heating spiral growth the temperature of the gas, and temperature sensors control the number of heat removed. The quantity of heat removed is a criterion of the factual mass gas flow rate. If to talk about the concept of mass flow, in that case it means mass, i.e. The weight of the flowing medium. In this case, this is the weight of the gas passing through the appliance for a determined period of time. The utilization of Mass Flow Meters is most suitable where high precision and replicability are required, e.g. In course of distillation, area treatment or in fuel cell technologies.


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