Burkert 176635 (00176635) Micro pump

Burkert 176635 (00176635)
Item Number: 176635 (00176635)
Micro pump
Total price: 199.10
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Micro pump


  • Burkert Type 7604
  • Article: 176635 (00176635)
  • 7604-0005-CC-PK-DA14-024/BR-AC-0000*JC09+JC84+JW50

Burkert Micro-Dosing Pump is utilized to perform microliter dosing tasks. It combines the highest dosing precision with high chemical resistance. The block consists of valves, which, if necessary, can be opened at the same time for pumping fluid. Thanks to the active input and outlet valves, the unit can supply in both directions. It makes it possible, for example, to mix liquids in a pipe or duct or to keep them in invariable movement. The built-in heating allows heating the valves and the medium, and also block is protected from running dry.


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