Burkert 180413 (00180413) Mass flow controller

Burkert 180413 (00180413)
Item Number: 180413 (00180413)
A direct-acting proportional valve guarantees high response sensitivity.
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A direct-acting proportional valve guarantees high response sensitivity.


  • Burkert Type 8626
  • Article: 180413 (00180413)
  • 8626-10,0M-N2.-E-DP-GM83-ALFF-D-04,0

Mass Flow Controller (MFC) Type 8626 is opportune for inspection the mass flow of huge quantity of gas. The Inline thermal sensor, who is mounted directly in the gas flow, give a highly reaction rate. Flow controllers constitute a flow meter, an electronic module, as well as a proportional valve. The set point is concluded electrically utilization a standard signal or in the Feldbus interface. The actual value on record sensor is compared with a predetermined value in the controller. In addition, the actual value is communicated to foreign apparatus through an analog electrical or Feldbus interface for operational monitoring or analysis. Type 8626 regulator calibration is executed for two various gas types that the user reversal. Both standard analog electrical signals and field buses are available as electrical interfaces. Due to its low sensitiveness to contamination and its lofty degree of protection, the IP 8626 is suitable for handling in severe environments.


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