Burkert 188837 (00188837) Mass flow controller

Burkert 188837 (00188837)
Item Number: 188837 (00188837)
Can optionally be calibrated for two different gases.
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Can optionally be calibrated for two different gases.


  • Burkert Type 8626
  • Article: 188837 (00188837)
  • 8626-0300L-N2.-E-A -GM84-ALFF-D-03,0NF64

Mass Flow Controller (MFC) Type 8626 is applicable for monitoring the mass flow of bulk amount of gas. The Inline thermal sensor, whoever is mounted straight away in the gas flow, give a highly response rate. Flow controllers constitute a flow meter, an electronic module, and a proportional valve. The set point is concluded electrically applying a norm signal or via the Feldbus interface. The actual value on record sensor is compared with a predetermined value in the controller. In addition, the actual value is communicated to outer apparatus through an analog electrical or Feldbus interface for operational control or analysis. Calibration controller type 8626 is performed for two different gas types that the user reversal. As standard analog electrical signals and the field bus are approachable as electrical interfaces. Owing to its low sensitiveness to pollution and its high degree of protection, the IP 8626 is appropriate for utilization in severe environments.


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