Burkert 206566 (00206566) Mass Flow Controller for Gases

Burkert 206566 (00206566)
Item Number: 206566 (00206566)
High accuracy and repeatability. Applicable for aggressive gases.
Total price: 2079.00
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High accuracy and repeatability. Applicable for aggressive gases.


  • Burkert Type 8710
  • Article: 206566 (00206566)
  • 8710-0450N-NH3-E-DP-GM82-VAAA-A-00,8

The Mass Flow Controllers Burkert is a compacted arrangement with which the flow of different gases is regulated. They monitoring the flow to a foreordained value, irrespective of obstruction like pressure surges or temporary changes in flow resistance, for example, via contamination of the filter. Governors consist of the following components: a flow sensor, an electronic unit and a commensurate valve, as a monitoring device. The predetermined value is set by using the unified signal or one of the protocols Fieldbus. The signal value making adjustments in accordance with the set control deviation. The principle of temperature dimension ensures reliable operation of the regulator regardless of pressure and temperature fluctuations.


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