Burkert 228020 (00228020)
Liquid flow controller

Burkert 228020 (00228020)
No moving parts in medium. IP65.
Item Number: 228020 (00228020)
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No moving parts in medium. IP65.


  • Burkert Type 8719
  • Article: 228020 (00228020)
  • 8719-05,0E-H2O-E-A -NM82-VDFF-A-00,6

The Burkert is an implement for controlling fluid flow in a process. The liquids can now be tightly controlled in the 15-600 ml/min range via uninterruptible incorporation of differential force with the direct-acting solenoid command valve. The measuring tenet has no moving parts or possible erosion wear parts and when tied to promoted control algorithms plays its part in supplying extremely rapid response and settling times. The control valve has a simple design, works nearly without friction and provides an outstanding reproducibility.


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