Burkert 231562 (00231562) Mass flow controller

Burkert 231562 (00231562)
Item Number: 231562 (00231562)
MFC with high measuring accuracy and repeatability.
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MFC with high measuring accuracy and repeatability.


  • Burkert Type 8626
  • Article: 231562 (00231562)
  • 8626-10,0M-M02-E-V -GM84-ALFF-D-03,0NF64

Burkert Type 8626 Mass Flow Controllers (MFC) are compact arrangement that monitoring the mass flow rate of gases. They command the set flow rate irrespective of obstruction for instance pressure loss or temporary flow resistance. Flow controllers consist of a flow meter, an electronic module, as well as a proportional valve. Inline sensors operate in the constant temperature anemometers mode. In this case, the electrical thermal resist and the measuring resistance are set to a constant temperature differentiation. Either resistances are immediately in the gas stream; three more resistances are outside him. All resistances are united in an electric bridge. The first resistance in the fluid flow measures the temperature of the liquid. The second, low resistance, is constantly heated to maintain a clearly specified excess temperature relative to the fluid temperature. Owing to the reality that the resistances are located at once in the channel, the apparatus have excellent dynamics: the response time when changing a given or actual value is hundredths of a millisecond. Additionally, the sensor is practically not contaminated.


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