Burkert 247849 (00247849) Solenoid valve

Burkert 247849 (00247849)
Item Number: 247849 (00247849)
Solenoid valve with separating diaphragm
Total price: 172.70
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Solenoid valve with separating diaphragm


  • Burkert Type 6626
  • Article: 247849 (00247849)
  • 6626-T03,0AAPK-GM81-024/DC-CS-23-20

Burkert Solenoid Microfluidic valve is the wide line of miniature units for time-pressure dosing of liquids. Direct acting medium divided 2/2 and 3/2-way Rocker Solenoid Valve for monitoring of aggressive fluids and gases in analytical medical applications, the food industry, and the chemical industry for dosing, mixing and distribution. Liquid media contacts the housing and the sealing material entirely through the isolating diaphragm. This valve with a new Twin Power actuator, robust threaded compound and an installation width of 22 mm will meet the highest requirements. The installed rocker solenoid technology is describing by complete tightness at back pressure, good rinsing ability and low internal volume.


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