Burkert 277453 (00277453) Mass flow controller

Burkert 277453 (00277453)
Item Number: 277453 (00277453)
Nominal flow ranges: 0.010 lN/min - 80 lN/min.
Total price: 1595.00
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Nominal flow ranges: 0.010 lN/min - 80 lN/min.


  • Burkert Type 8711
  • Article: 277453 (00277453)
  • 8711-0500C-N2.-E-A -GM82-VAFF-A-00,2

Burkert Type 8711 mass flow controllers is a compact appliance with which is regulated by the mass flow of gases. They regularize a given flow rate regardless of hindrance. The set flow rate irrespective of hindrance for example pressure drops or provisional flow resistance, ensuing, for example, from filter contamination. The MEMS temperature sensor, arranged directly in the gas stream, provides a very high reaction time. Proportional valve Burkert direct action by way of an executive authority ensures high sensibility when triggered.


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