Burkert 284472 (00284472)
Mass Flow Meter for Gases

Burkert 284472 (00284472)
MFM with High accuracy. Very fast response times.
Item Number: 284472 (00284472)
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MFM with High accuracy. Very fast response times.


  • Burkert Type 8701
  • Article: 284472 (00284472)
  • 8701-0250N-PRO-E-DP-GM82-ALFF-X-00,0

Mass Flow Meters are a thermal sensor for deciding the mass flow rate of gas compose of a heating spiral and temperature sensors. They are fitted both in the gas stream and outside it. A heating element raises the temperature of the gas, and temperature detector control the number of heat removed. The amount of heat removed is a yardstick of the actual mass gas flow rate. If to talk about the notion of mass flow, then namely mass, i.e. The heft of the flowing medium. In our particular case, this is the weight of the gas passing via the device for a certain period. The using of Mass Flow Meters is most appropriate where high accuracy and reproducibility are required, e.g. In course of distillation, area treatment or in fuel cell technologies.


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