Burkert 318040
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Burkert 318040
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Burkert 318040 SideControl NAMUR

  • Flow control: The 318040 can control liquid or gas flow with an accuracy of 0.1%.
  • Level control: The controller can be used to control the level of a liquid in a tank.
  • Temperature control: The controller can be used to control the temperature of a liquid or gas.
  • Pressure control: The regulator can be used to control the pressure of a liquid or gas.
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Burkert 318040 SideControl NAMUR
The Burkert 318040 SideControl NAMUR process controller is a digital, electropneumatic controller used to control flow in industrial processes.


  • Type: digital, electropneumatic controller
  • Protection class: IP65/67
  • Supply voltage: 24 V DC
  • Ambient temperature: -10 to +60 °C
  • Service life: up to 10 years
  • Control of flow, level, temperature and pressure
  • Control accuracy: 0,1 %
  • Simple interface
  • Robust construction
  • Weight: 0.2 kg
  • Dimensions: 70 x 110 x 60 mm


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