Burkert 417388 (00417388)
Level transmitter

Burkert 417388 (00417388)
Continuos capacitance level transmitter
Item Number: 417388 (00417388)
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Continuos capacitance level transmitter


  • Burkert Type 8100
  • Article: 417388 (00417388)
  • 8100-BK01-417388Z

Level transmitters Burkert are sensors that realize point level switching and continuous check. Devices with dot level switches are utilized to spell out if a level has achieved a specific value. There are two types of such apparatus: a tuning fork and a float. The fluid level switch is an indispensable apparatus for metering the level of various liquids in vessels and containers for manufacturing, food, chemical or other production, etc. Burkert producing the following types of level transducers: ultrasonic, radar, guided microwave, hydrostatic. The option of one type or another depends on the environment in which it is utilized. Each level switch of any liquid cross-check scrupulous quality control, hence the precision of its working strictly performing with the prescribed standards.


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