Burkert 429958 (00429958) Pressure transmitter

Burkert 429958 (00429958)
Item Number: 429958 (00429958)
Pressure transmitter
Total price: 260.70
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Pressure transmitter


  • Burkert Type 8320
  • Article: 429958 (00429958)
  • 8320-GM82-VE00-1P-B-F1-L-BCH/DC-A *ML61

The Burkert Type 8320 is the foundation for superior pressure determination in demanding environments thanks to high-quality piezo measuring cells and thin-film technologies. The design of the internal electronics and the careful selection of electronic components ensure reliable, long-term signal processing, and excellent electromagnetic properties. Stainless steel is used as the base metal for housings and wetted parts. Welded measuring cells completely eliminate the need for internal seals.


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